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BY owner, 6 yr. New carpet, point, window treatments A root. Attached garage.

Huge dock. Low taxes. No Realtors. M-kwol, frptos. Two bedrooms. Workshop m Vi car garage can be convened back to garage by owner.

Patio In lanced yard. Spedoue IMng room, forme dkUng room, eat-In khchen, manor v, bath and waain ctooet. Investor has savers! Largo fenced tot. Must sse. Emerald Harvey Nice 3 bedroom brick hi quiet residential area. Country Oub Hills. Large master bedroom with balcony Basamanl with washer 6 dryer, eppHsnoss. Attachad garege. Control air, fun basement, to-come ts deduction. Close to I. C, railroad, shopping, schools and church. Moderate Investment. Can or visit. Interior, prima location on Krotlak Pork with courtyard In front, newly romocotedaiondocapod.

Must ssel Available May 1. New windows. Cell between e. AREA B. Real moe 4 reasonable. In front of address.

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Interior, new windows, carpeted, ak, newly decorated 6 clean. AREA A. Interior, updated throughout. Move In condl.

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Must saHl AREA J co-op. Price reduced. C-4, 1 bdrm. Co The resulting induction modules consequently have large beam apertures meters in diameter- and correspondingly large outside diameters. The module geometry is related to a low-frequency ''gap capacity'' and high-frequency structural resonances, which are affected by the magnetic core loading and the module pulser impedance.

A description of the test module and preliminary results are presented. The goal was to develop an accelerated physical stability testing method of amorphous dispersions. Water sorption is known to cause plasticization and may accelerate drug crystallization. In an earlier investigation, it was observed that both the increase in mobility and decrease in stability in amorphous dispersions was explained by the "plasticization" effect of water Mehta et al. Pharmaceutics , 13 4 , In this work, the influence of water concentration up to 1.

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Thus, the value of the coupling coefficient, up to a water concentration of 1. Based on these findings, the use of "water sorption" is proposed to build predictive models for crystallization in slow crystallizing dispersions. Hurricane Isabel gives accelerators a severe test. Hurricane Isabel was at category five--the most violent on the Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricane strength--when it began threatening the central Atlantic seaboard of the US. Over the course of several days, precautions against the extreme weather conditions were taken across the Jefferson Lab site in south-east Virginia.

On 18 September , when Isabel struck North Carolina's Outer Banks and moved northward, directly across the region around the laboratory, the storm was still quite destructive, albeit considerably reduced in strength. The flood surge and trees felled by wind substantially damaged or even devastated buildings and homes, including many belonging to Jefferson Lab staff members.

For the laboratory itself, Isabel delivered an unplanned and severe challenge in another form: a power outage that lasted nearly three-and-a-half days, and which severely tested the robustness of Jefferson Lab's two superconducting machines, the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility CEBAF and the superconducting radiofrequency ''driver'' accelerator of the laboratory's free-electron laser. Robustness matters greatly for science at a time when microwave superconducting linear accelerators linacs are not only being considered, but in some cases already being built for projects such as neutron sources, rare-isotope accelerators , innovative light sources and TeV-scale electron-positron linear colliders.

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Hurricane Isabel interrupted a several-week-long maintenance shutdown of CEBAF, which serves nuclear and particle physics and represents the world's pioneering large-scale implementation of superconducting radiofrequency SRF technology. The racetrack-shaped machine is actually a pair of MeV SRF linacs interconnected by recirculation arc beamlines. An imminent upgrade will double the energy to 12 GeV and add an extra hall for ''quark confinement'' studies.

On a smaller scale. Accelerated Strength Testing of Thermoplastic Composites.

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Constant ramp strength tests on unidirectional thermoplastic composite specimens oriented in the 90 deg. Ramp rates spanning 5 orders of magnitude were tested so that failures occurred in the range from 0. Below C, time-temperature superposition held allowing strength at longer times to be estimated from strength tests at shorter times but higher temperatures. The shift factors derived from compliance data applied well to the strength results.

To explain the link between compliance and strength, a viscoelastic fracture model was investigated. The model, which used compliance as input, was found to fit the strength data only if the critical fracture energy was allowed to vary with temperature reduced stress rate. This variation in the critical parameter severely limits its use in developing a robust time-dependent strength model. The significance of this research is therefore seen as providing both the indication that a more versatile acceleration method for strength can be developed and the evidence that such a method is needed.

Stripline kicker for integrable optics test accelerator. For its experimental program IOTA needs two full-aperture kickers, capable to create an arbitrary controllable kick in 2D. For that reason their strengths are variable in a wide range of amplitudes up to 16 mrad, and the pulse length ns is less than a revolution period for electrons. In addition, the kicker should have a physical aperture of 40 mm for a proposed operation with proton beam, and an outer size of 70 mm to fit inside existing quadrupole magnets to save space in the ring.

This cavity has very low Q-value of about 0. In our tested system for higher harmonics, wave form of a DDS Direct Digital Synthesizer can be rewrite, and arbitrary wave form can be used for beam acceleration. In the beam test , second and third harmonic wave were added on the fundamental acceleration frequency, and increases of the accelerated beam intensity have been achieved. In this paper, results of the beam test and the acceleration system are presented.

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  • Life estimation I and C cable insulation materials based on accelerated life testing accelerated life testing. Accelerated Iife tests are becoming increasingly popular in today's industry due to the need for obtaining life data quickly and reliably. Life testing of products under higher stress levels without introducing additional failure modes can provide significant savings of both time and money. Correct analysis of data gathered via such accelerated life testing will yield parameters and other information for the product's life under use stress conditions.

    To be of practical use in assessing the operational behaviour of cables in NPPs, laboratory ageing aims to mimic the type of degradation observed under operational conditions. Conditions of testing therefore need to be carefully chosen to ensure that the degradation mechanism occurring in the accelerated tests are similar to those which occur in service. This paper presents the results of an investigation in which the elongation-at-break EAB measurements were carried on a typical control cable to predict the mean life at service conditions.

    A low voltage polyvinyl chloride PVC insulated and PVC sheathed control cable, used in NPP instrumentation and control I and C applications, was subjected thermal ageing at three elevated temperatures. Preliminary tests of the electrostatic plasma accelerator. This report describes the results of a program to verify an electrostatic plasma acceleration concept and to identify those parameters most important in optimizing an Electrostatic Plasma Accelerator EPA thruster based upon this thrust mechanism.