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All absolutely stunning and unique. Roxy has really upped their game in the surf bikini department with the POP surf collection.

Neoprene and regular surf bikinis, one-pieces, surf-leggings and strange hooded top things that are street meet surf! Read: How to get beach blonde surf hair. A selection of surf bikinis using recycled lycra, amongst regular bikinis. Adjustable cross back bikinis, thick straps, stunning prints, and amazing bottoms: high cut boy-shorts or Brasilian cut, all with a hidden drawstring.

I love the cut of their bikini bottoms. Jolyn Bikini has a great range of simple cross-back bikinis and bottoms of varying coverage, all with draw-strings. We put a Jolyn Bikini to the test in big waves in Bali and it did just fine. Great selection of surf suits and surf bikinis that offer more coverage in beautiful contrasting prints and textures. Very classy. Their surf suits may be the best on the market.

Always admire girls wearing these in the surf!

Great quality surf bikinis with good coverage — pro surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb rips in them! A small indie brand out of the US. Hakuna started making swimwear and wetsuits to satisfy an inclusive need in the market to celebrate our diversity in the water.

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Another cool surf brand from Germany seriously, how can an oceanless country have so many good surf bikini brands? I want so many of these crop top bikinis! Still stoked is constantly reviewing the best surf bikinis, surf suits, surf leggings and surf one-piece swimwear. We will keep adding to this list with more brands and more surf bikini discount codes. Make sure you signup to our mailing list so you can be first to hear of any new brands. For Her Eyes Only — Surf tips for girls. Because all these things will happen to you! Do you know if any surf swimwear brands that we should review and include in this list?

We might not be known as THE surfing destination in the world but people do surfing here and also kite-surfing is quite popular. Anyways — thanks for the nice list! Ahh Tina!

YOu are right! I was equally as surprised to find out that German does indeed have an ocean! I will edit this paragraph so that it is factually correct! Thanks for the feedback and thank you for reading. I hope the list was helpful to you in discovering some new awesome swimwear to go play in. Much love x. I now a new brand who made a super comfortable surf swimwear. They made a brightness swimsuits for all girls who use a surfing or wakeboarding, or kiteboarding.

Sooo comfortable as well. I found the cenote swimwear to be extremely disappointing. The sizes are not true to size, the lycra is described as being Italian lycra. Italian lycra is soft, luxurious and with a nice stretch. The cenote swimwear that I received was in no way soft, luxurious or had any stretch in them.

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I only tested the bikinis that gave enough coverage for surfing. I found the lycra to be decent and it held up over multiple summers. Maybe they changed their production in the last 3 years.

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Standby x. Thanks for your feedback. The lycra we use for Cenote bikinis is high grade Italian Lycra. There are many different types of lycra that are better for different purposes. It is also the most durable lycra available which means our bikinis will last not just one but 3 or 4 seasons if taken care of. Surf bikinis are exposed to all elements so need to be durable.


Functionality and Durability is more consistent with our brand than soft high fashion fabric which are more delicate. I have an Ivy top and a margot top. The ivy top stayed put in double overhead with no issues at all. Margot top is okay for smaller surf.. They run small so order a size up. Thanks Edith. Also thanks for the heads up that they run small. Good luck with it and definitely get in touch when you have it ready to show the world!

Thanks so much for commenting! I thought Jolyn was a pretty big deal in the surf community, but I guess not? Thanks for the heads up Fraulina. I live on the gulf side of FLA , so the only waves we get are when the conditions are just right. So stoked this article lead you to try some new bikini brands.

Hope they work out well for you. Let us know! I own four pairs of dkoko sexy surf bottoms and they are great. The fit is very small be careful. Those bottoms stay put even in big surf, they look good and cover what needs to be covered!! Great feedback Punky, thank you! Yeah they make a great bikini with the Mirage! Ahhh I want all of these bikinis!

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I would like to add my company, Trident Swimwear. More of a flirty style active swimwear line. If you have any suggestions of customs feel free to email me!

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Get in contact if you would like us to review it for our readers How do you surf in a bikini? Am I the only one whose legs get torn up by the wax on the board? Hey Lauren, Ahh i hear you on the bikini bottoms! The trick is to get them in a small, tight size and make sure they are double lined or two layers of fabric as that will help it to stay put, especially in the crotch. The best board short I have ever come across, hands down is the Hurley Phantom short most men swear by it too.

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Quick dry and super light-weight too. On wax, make sure it is clean. Let me know how you get on! Alexa x. I think I might get a sewing machine and see what I can come up with to surf in.